Landscaping Camas, WA: Choosing Native Plants for Your Washington Landscape

The first rule of gardening and landscaping is a rather simple one:  Put the right plants in the right place.“  Some plants are better adapted to the environment and the conditions in your area because they’re native to it. They not only make for attractive ornamentals that add natural diversity to your garden but make your landscape beneficial for the local wildlife, as well.  Today, our landscaping Camas, WA experts explain why native plants are the best choice for a picture-perfect Washington landscape! 

Native Plants for Landscaping in Camas, WA: Expert Tips and Recommendations  

There’s a modern-day obsession with highly-manicured, human-dominated, picture-perfect landscapes and exotic ornamental plants that rarely pays attention to the native plant habitat.  We’re hoping to change that today!

Why Choose Native Plants? 

Unfortunately, many homeowners remain unaware of the benefits that landscaping with native plants has to both their gardens and the environment.  Here’s a quick list of what native plants can do for your Camas landscape and the benefits they bring to the table: 
  • Resistance To Local Weather – Native plants tend to withstand the local weather and environment a lot better than those that are non-native. That means that they’ll survive harsh conditions and grow back the following year – and you won’t have to bother with replacing them each season. 
  • Less Maintenance – Native plants are accustomed to the existing habitat, and are typically more resistant to drought, disease, and other environmental risks. They’ve adapted to thrive in these conditions on their own, which means less maintenance and landscape upkeep for you. It will save you a whole lot of time and money down the line. 
  • They’re Rarely Invasive – Plants that are considered „invasive“ will affect the growth of all other plants in your landscape. If you pick less invasive varieties – and most native plants fall into this category – rest assured that the other plants in your garden will grow more freely. 
  • No Need For Pesticides And Fertilizers – Native plants are adapted to the climate. They can defend themselves from indigenous disease, fungi, and insects thanks to their natural „built-in“ defense systems. That means that you won’t have to spray them with artificial pesticides – and in turn, you get an eco-friendly, pollution-free landscape. 
  • Restoring The Natural Habitat – Many of these native plants are a source of food for local birds and insects. Natural landscaping in Camas, WA, and the inclusion of native plants in your garden is an excellent opportunity to reestablish diverse native plants and create an inviting natural habitat for the wildlife that resides in the area.  

Choose Your Plants Wisely and Group Them By Their Needs 

Plant your plants in the right spot and conditions for their mature size.  However, as simple as this rule may be, for it to work, you’ll have to put in some time and effort into getting to know your garden:  Observe your garden to figure out the sun to shade ratio, the texture of the soil, and whether it’s soggy or bone-dry. Also, check whether the existing plants in your landscape show signs of disease or other problems.  Here are a few extra tips for landscaping in Camas, WA that will help you create a picture-perfect landscape with minimal use of water, chemicals, and other resources: 
  • Create a landscape design

    that groups plants according to their shared needs, including the sun to shade ratio, soil conditions, and irrigation frequency. Also, be sure to set up an irrigation system that works with your given landscape design to simplify maintenance and minimize water waste. 
  • Lawn mowing

    has several benefits – besides keeping it well-manicured and tidy, that is. Regularly mowing your lawn will ensure stronger grass and more even growth, and can help eliminate pests that would otherwise make your overgrown grass their habitat. Plus, the grass clippings can serve as DIY, lawn-nourishing mulch. 
  • Sod installation

    is an excellent way to get a beautiful lawn pretty much instantly – without the hassle of seeding, watering, and cultivating the grass yourself, which can be both costly and time-consuming. A sodded lawn offers several other benefits, as well, including controlling dust, preventing soil erosion, and requiring less irrigation. 


The landscaping choices you make can have a significant impact on the more than just the appearance of your landscape – the wildlife is affected, too.  Both homeowners and landscaping professionals can benefit birds and other local wildlife by choosing native plants when making their landscaping decisions.  If you need professional advice on selection, placement, and creation of compatible native plant communities in your landscape, don’t hesitate to contact your Landscaper in Vancouver, Washington!