Landscaping Washougal, WA

For most, the new year starts with resolutions, be it losing weight, taking on a more healthy lifestyle, saving money – or finally whipping that shabby backyard into shape. And if you’re one of those who decided to add a wow factor to their outdoor space this year, you’re probably wondering: 

What’s the best place to start when it comes to landscaping transformation? 

Well, like most other trends, gardening and landscaping ones come and go. That’s why choosing the best look for your backyard – something up-to-date, modern, and chic, that’s eye-catching and on point with the latest trends – can sometimes be tricky.

We’ve asked our Washougal, WA landscaping professionals to let us in on the top landscaping trends for 2020; here’s what they told us! 

Vertical Gardening 

If you need to use your outdoor space efficiently, rejoice – vertical gardening is going to be one of the hottest landscaping trends for 2020. It’s all about creating micro-sized spaces that make a significant impact. 

No matter the size of your actual outdoor space, you’ll get a chance to incorporate some greenery in your life by setting up a vertical garden that grows upward and uses trellis or other similar support systems. 

Furthermore, a vertical garden can be an excellent addition to larger spaces, as well. Here, it can be used as an accent fence, a screen between different areas, or to hide areas and walls that aren’t the most aesthetically-pleasing. 

Ornate and Geometric Hardscaping 

Another one of landscaping trends for 2020 that seems to be on the rise is the integration of popular interior design patterns into hardscape designs. Homeowners are looking to include elements such as basketweave, lattice, waves, and chevron patterns into the layout of their backyards. 

Even more so, porcelain tiles – commonly found in bathrooms – seem to be popping up outside the home, in patios and walkways. Natural stone remains a rather popular choice, as well, especially for retaining walls. 

Contemporary and Transitional Landscape Designs 

Sleek lines and the overall simplicity are in the core of the so-called contemporary style, but did you know that these same trends now hold a special place in landscaping designs, too? 

Landscaping experts are noticing a definite shift towards a more sleek, modern, and simplistic appearance in outdoor design

That can also be observed in the growing popularity of multi-season functionality and year-round gardens: 

The popularity of native plants that can survive changing weather, and heat lamps and protective structures that will allow them to enjoy the garden during the colder months, seems to be on the rise, too.

Keeping It Low Maintenance 

A well-kept, regularly mowed lawn is still a highly-demanded feature of any property, especially an outdoor oasis. However, there’s something that homeowners of all ages seem to have in common:

The lack of time to care for such landscapes properly.

That’s why the demand for low-maintenance landscaping designs and the trend of sod installation, rather than planting grass seeds, seem to be on the rise.

Furthermore, there’s the growing concern about water conservation: 

Since a low-maintenance garden means less hydration, it’s a significant step towards cutting down on water usage – and having a more eco-friendly landscape. 

Shades of Blue Everywhere 

Landscape professionals also anticipate seeing a lot of rich, blue tones making an impact this year, and find their way into the outdoors and influence landscaping designs. 

It’s a return to simplicity, and a strong desire to stick to natural, relaxing tones. 

There are a few ways to add a touch of blue to your outdoor space, including eye-catching sculptures and statement water features. Also, consider adding shades of blue in your garden by opting for plants such as blue fortune, hydrangea, globe thistle, and grape hyacinth. 


All these landscaping trends for 2020 sound fantastic, but don’t forget what your ultimate goal should be when planning any outdoor environment: 

It’s about finding that perfect balance of lush greenery and comfortable, inviting spaces that you can relax in and enjoy. 

2020 is the year to personalize your backyard – whatever its size – into something that reflects and embraces your style. If you need some help with making your visions come true, don’t hesitate to contact our landscaping Vancouver, WA professionals today!