Commercial Landscaping

Every business owner knows that establishing – and maintaining – a positive corporate image is a key to success. Setting high standards for your staff, ensuring a fantastic customer experience, and putting in your best efforts toward becoming experts in your niche is part of the equation. 

We’ll let you in on a secret: 

When new clients and potential customers enter your business, the first thing that they see isn’t your expertise or experience – it’s the outdoor commercial landscaping design. 

If your commercial landscape isn’t sending a powerful enough message or reflecting the values of your business, some of these potential clients will take it as a sign that you’re not worth their time. 

You can still change that by following essential commercial landscaping tips and ideas!

Commercial Landscaping Tips: How To Make A Good First Impression And Attract Clients 

The best commercial landscaping should be part form, and part function – a mix that enhances the overall appearance of your business’ building, yet serves a functional purpose. So, first of all, think about how you want others to perceive your business and interact with the property. 

Here are a few suggestions from landscaping professionals: 

Convey The Right Message 

You should think of your business – and the building that its located in – as a brand, and in doing so, you’ll see why it’s essential that your commercial landscape shows it. So, take a look at your business, and think about the message that you want to convey

Do you wish your company to be perceived as soothing, healing, and sustainable, fun and exciting, strictly professional, or maybe forward-thinking – and even edgy? 

There are landscaping designs and elements that can help you convey the right message. 

For example, wildflowers and native plants combined with green roofs show sustainability, while Zen features create a soothing outdoor space. Dancing fountains give your commercial landscape an element of fun and excitement. And if you want to show off that edginess, put a strong focus on minimalistic, geometric landscaping designs. 

Give Attention To The Entrance 

Here, it’s all about directing the flow of traffic and creating an appealing and inviting entrance into the commercial building. 

As a business owner, you want to direct people towards the entrance points by highlighting them with plants and trees. Furthermore, you should consider adding bold visual statements that, at the same time, serve an essential functional purpose – creating distinct, welcoming access to the property. 

You can achieve this by creating attractive pathways lined with trees or shrubs, and adding texture and color by including brick or stone wall features. 

Make It Engaging 

When a potential customer looks at your commercial landscaping design, one of the two things will happen: 

Either they’ll stick around a bit – and even enter the building – or they’ll keep on moving. 

It’s the outdoor appearance that plays a vital, make-or-break role here, which is why you should strive to make the landscape as engaging as possible. Many businesses have benefited from creating elaborate outdoor spaces that make a bold statement and encourage people to stick around longer. 

You can achieve this by adding outdoor decoration, such as carefully selected statues and water features that compliment the building, hardscaping elements, as well as benches, tables, and chairs that serve as lounge areas. 

Final Word 

You’ve already invested so much time and resources into marketing, branding, and putting together a highly-skilled workforce. Compared to that, investing in your business’ exterior is a minor expense – and a justifiable one at that. 

Following these simple commercial landscaping tips and putting in a bit of extra effort into your business’ landscape could make a tremendous difference! 

Our landscaping experts can help you create a picture-perfect commercial landscape that will reflect the values and high standards of your business, and benefit everyone – from employees to potential clients and investors. 

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