What Fertilizer Should I Use?

A healthy, thick, green lawn doesn’t magically happen on its own. To reach its full potential, and be beautiful, healthy-looking, and oh so green, grass needs a little help, maintenance, and care. 

Most importantly, though, it needs balanced, properly-timed nutrition that will fuel its growth. 

It’s all about figuring out what fertilizer to use – and following a few essential tips for a beautiful lawn. 

Now, you’re probably wondering: 

What fertilizer should I use for my lawn

The answer lies in our quick and easy guide, so keep on reading! 

Grass Fertilizer Tips: What Fertilizer Is Right For Your Lawn?  

It sounds simple enough, but it leaves many gardeners wondering the same thing: 

What fertilizer should I use for my lawn?“ 

That question alone is more than enough to make most of them break out in a cold sweat. 

We get that the sheer number of options looks a bit intimidating, but it’s not that complicated. 

Most fertilizers on the market are made up of three essential nutrients – nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium – each of which plays a specific role in maintaining a healthy lawn: 

  • Nitrogen – This nutrient is vital for healthy, green, leafy growth, as it encourages the production of chlorophyll, a chemical that’s vital for photosynthesis. 


  • Phosphorus – This nutrient helps grass develop healthy roots and stems. 


  • Potassium – Lastly, this is the nutrient that gives the grass strength and helps it resist disease and drought. 

Out of the three, nitrogen is the one that moves through the soil; that’s why it should be supplemented regularly to meet the nutrient requirements of grass and keep your lawn healthy. 

That’s why you must get a fertilizer that contains higher levels of nitrogen, compared to phosphorus and potassium; these are still important, but needed in smaller percentages. 

You’ll notice that most fertilizers come with a three-number ratio listed on the label; these are the percentages of the nutrients mentioned above, also known as the N-P-K ratio

So, for instance, if it has a 20-5-10 ratio, that means that it contains 20-percent nitrogen, 5-percent phosphorus, and 10-percent potassium. The idea is to find the ideal blend of nutrients for your application; the 20-5-10 ratio can be a solid mix for spring-time use. 

Also, note that fertilizers come in two different states – granular and liquid – which also dictate the way they’re applied to the lawn. Most landscaping professionals use liquid fertilizers. 

However, we strongly advise homeowners against it, as they don’t have the proper equipment or the experience to get the job done. Granular fertilizers are the way to go for home use, as they are much easier to apply accurately and spread out evenly. 

Here are a few more tips that might come in handy when it comes to fertilizing your lawn

  • You should always take a moment to test the soil before purchasing fertilizer for your yard. 


  • You can add nitrogen without using fertilizer, too, by leaving grass clippings after mowing the lawn. It won’t be a particularly pretty sight, but it will work. 


  • Give your lawn its first dose of fertilizer in the spring, then continue to fertilize your lawn every four to eight weeks throughout the summer, when the grass is in the stage of active growth. Fall feeding is crucial, as it prepares the grass for winter months; the fertilizer should be rich in phosphorus and potassium.


  • We recommend the use of slow-release fertilizers for most homeowners. These are formulated in a way that allows the nutrients to break down over a more extended period, and you can go longer between two applications. 

Final Recommendation 

We hope that we helped you answer the question of „what fertilizer should I use for my lawn“ with this quick guide. Still, don’t forget that you’re dealing with chemicals here; improper use or uneven distribution can do more damage than good. 

If you have questions or need help fertilizing your lawn, don’t hesitate to contact Danshap Landscaping. We’re here to help you keep your yard in top shape!